Our services make sure that teachers, students and parents have an enjoyable experience with Eduten Playground.


We employ a global network of certified support professionals that can help you with any question that you might have. At the starter workshop teachers are given a information package that includes contact details to their support team. Your support team can be from Eduten or one of our certified partners.



Eduten Playground has been designed to be very easy to use, so the training requirements are minimal. Before getting started you’ll join a short workshop that briefs you on the usage of Eduten Playground and leveraging its pedagogical benefits with your students. Our certified trainer team can arrange a workshop for you locally, or you can join one online, and afterwards you’ll get a certificate for completing the workshop. Contact to learn more about starter workshops.

In collaboration with University of Turku we also provide courses to help teachers and school management to benefit from Finnish educational expertise. Topics include eg. Finnish pedagogy, applying digital tools in education and learning analytics. Please contact to learn more about our training courses.

Curriculum Design

Together with University of Turku we provide services for education leaders to help them apply Finnish education expertise in their countries. Contact to learn more.