Research pilot

A digital learning pilot in your school with a globally top 1% university from Finland


about the Pilot

We are looking for forward-thinking schools to participate in a global study of digital learning tools with University of Turku, Finland. Your school would use Eduten Playground for 8 weeks, and afterwards university pedagogical experts write a detailed report about the results of the pilot. Eduten provides online training for the teachers and certificates for all participants.

The research pilot is delivered to you free of charge.


improving education globally



Your school must fulfil the following qualifications and conditions to participate in the global research study.

Enthusiastic commitment

Your school must have at least 2 teachers that commit to using Eduten Playground once a week in their classroom + homework. We will provide training and support for the participating teachers, and based on experiences from previous pilots, the kids will love working with Eduten Playground.

Language and ICT skills

Your teachers and students will need to read and speak English, and have basic ICT skills to use the software.

Participation in training

Eduten provides a 2-hour online hands-on workshop to train the teachers to use Eduten Playground in their classrooms effectively. The teachers must participate in the training using their own computer.

Internet and computer access

Eduten Playground is accessed with a web browser. Each participating teacher and student needs to have a reasonably modern desktop computer, a laptop or a tablet with a reliable internet connection to use Eduten Playground.


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