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More than 13,000 teachers across the world have chosen Eduten Playground for teaching mathematics. Here’s how Eduten Playground will help you:


You send pedagogical exercises and set goals to students with just one mouse click. Differentiation is just as easy.


Your students improve their skills by playing fun and engaging game-like exercises. Students receive automated feedback and our gamification method is proven to improve motivation and decrease math anxiety.


You receive insightful, real-time learning analytics to help you understand each student better in less time. No more marking assignments!

Eduten Playground is easy to learn for any teacher, and our content library offers over 200,000 teacher-designed math tasks that fully cover weekly programs for grades 1 to 9. The exercises are compatible with any curriculum or book.

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Schools that are closed because of covid can get started with Eduten Playground free of charge for 60 days.

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We are looking for forward-thinking schools to participate in a global digital learning study. The study is conducted with the University of Turku, ranked globally in top 1%.

Teacher training (online)

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4 weekly digital math lessons + homework

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Data analysis and reporting

You will receive practical experience on how Eduten Playground will improve student motivation, learning results and teacher happiness in your school. After the trial you will receive an analysis report from University of Turku on the results of the pilot.

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Mathematics is an important foundation for any successful career, and Eduten Home Learning helps parents and home schools teach mathematics better and reduce math anxiety.

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