Finland Math now available for schools in Belgium and the Netherlands

September 1, 2020

Eduten and Domo de Refontiro have entered into a partnership with the aim of making Finland’s most popular digital mathematics learning platform available for the Flemish and Dutch educational scene. This platform, called Eduten Playground, is a gamified and adaptive AI-based system that comes with a content library of more than 200,000 pedagogically high quality online tasks for students between the ages of 6 to 15.

Eduten Playground was developed at the University of Turku, which is one of the 1% best ranked universities in the world, in close collaboration with hundreds of Finnish teachers. It provides significant proven improvements to learning outcomes, teacher wellbeing and student motivation. It also decreases math anxiety. These benefits have been proven by dozens of peer-reviewed scientific studies over the past 15 years.

The platform not only saves teachers' precious time, but also offers opportunities for setting up highly differentiated approaches and even individual learning pathways. The teacher remains at the steering wheel at all times, and receives high quality learning analytics that help provide better support for each student in less time through scientifically proven exercises and an extensive content library that is available to all teachers.

Eduten Playground platform has proved its worth as a scientifically validated exercise platform by more than 13,000 Finnish teachers since 2011 and is also used in 40+ countries worldwide, including Hong Kong, Sweden, the United Kingdom, Australia, US, various countries in Europe, Asia and Latin America, and hence from now on also in Belgium and the Netherlands.

Henri Muurimaa, CEO, Eduten: “Together with Domo de Refontiro we ran an extensive pilot in 11 schools to measure Eduten Playground’s impact and usefulness in Belgian schools. The pilot ran very smoothly and we received wonderful results and feedback from the participating students and teachers. Domo de Refontiro is a great partner for us and we are looking forward to providing the benefits of Eduten Playground to many schools together with them.”

Christel Ruttens, CEO, Domo de Refontiro and Pieter Sprangers; Head Designer at Domo de Refontiro: “More than 1 ½ years ago we started an exciting journey together with our Eduten partners, curious about how Belgian school teachers and students would react towards the introduction of this wonderful digital AI-based math learning platform. We were struck by the excellent educational value of the platform and how the teachers and the students enthusiastically embraced it.”

About Domo de Refontiro

We’re educational designers! For over 15 years, we have been guiding schools (primary, secondary and post-secondary education) through complex human transformations and pushed them into a future where learning for pupils and teachers is so great that they don’t want it to ever end…

About Eduten

Eduten is a spin-off from University of Turku that provides Eduten Playground to schools around the world. Eduten Playground was launched internationally in 2018 and today it helps students and teachers in over 40 countries on all continents.

Are you interested in being one of the first forward-looking schools in Flanders or the Netherlands to become acquainted with this brand-new educational technology that has a solid educational foundation? Contact us for more information.

Curious about what Eduten Playground looks like? Take a look at this video!

Domo de Refontiro: Christel Ruttens,, +32498510208

Eduten: Henri Muurimaa,, +358400474778

Henri Muurimaa

Henri Muurimaa, Eduten CEO and a co-founder, has a long experience in technology and business. Recently he has been concentrating on applying AI and other modern technological solutions to improve education worldwide.

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