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Combining Finnish educational excellence with gamification and AI.


Proven Impact on Learning Results

Up to 45% more improvement to learning results. Proven by 15 years of University research.

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The Best Learning Analytics In The World

AI driven learning analytics help teachers understand students better with less effort.

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Maximised Teacher Efficiency

Easy to learn, adapts to teachers' existing workflows. Works with any curriculum.

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Educational Excellence From Finland

Ready-made weekly exercise programs

Eduten is based on Finnish pedagogy. It's exercise library has been co-designed and validated with thousands of Finnish teachers. It comes with ready-made weekly mathematics exercise programs for ages 6 to 15 available in English and Spanish. Each weekly program includes hundreds of pedagogically high quality tasks for students to build and improve their skills. Altogether the content library includes more than 200,000 gamified and varied tasks for the students, and it in easy to use with any curriculum.

Long term motivation and engagement

At the core of Eduten’s learning impact is a carefully crafted learning environment that leverages gamification, differentiation, easy goal setting and many other methods. The end result is students who want to work more to improve their skills. Studies show that using Eduten, students solve up to 8 times more tasks compared to pen and paper.

Proven Impact On Learning

Eduten is based on more than 15 years of University research on digital teaching and learning. Students gain learning improvements rapidly, as proven by dozens or studies all over the world.

Student performance graph pen & paper vs Eduten

39% improvement vs. control group to mathematics performance

Student fluency graph pen & paper vs Eduten

45% improvement vs. control group to mathematics fluency

Results graph from Dubai study

20% improvement in just 6 weeks

The Best Learning Analytics In The World

For teachers

Teachers can effortlessly follow students’ progress and see students' strong and weak areas. This allows the teacher to focus their efforts better, and provide a right challenge for everyone. Calibrating challenge levels for individual students boosts motivation for everyone.

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For school leaders

School leaders have access to school-wide statistics dashboard. It provides real-time data on over the entire school that enables data driven decision-making and teacher support.

For parents

Eduten includes a simple and powerful parent reporting tool that makes it easy for the teachers to share student progress and achievements with their parents and guardians.

Maximised Teacher Efficiency

Teacher's dashboard view thumbnail

Starting to use digital classroom tools can be a burden for teachers. Eduten is very easy to learn and it fits teachers’ existing workflows. Insightful learning analytics, effortless differentiation, effective gamification, lesson planning support and easy curriculum customisation all support teachers in what they do best - help their students learn.

Adapting Eduten in their classrooms gives teachers the following benefits:


Spend less time on paperwork and assessments

Eduten's exercises are automatically assessed. Instead of never ending pop quizzes spend more time on providing personal guidance and support to those of your students who need it right now.


Easy tracking of student goals, progress, strengths and weaknesses

Eduten's learning analytics provide real-time insights to students’ learning. You can view the progress of the students individually or as a group. Eduten's automatic misconception analysis enables you to focus on the students and topics that need your help most.


Effortless differentiation

Eduten makes it easy for you to customise the exercises across different ability levels. You can provide a suitable challenge for everyone in your classroom.


Better learning results and grades

With Eduten the students are more motivated, want work more and learn faster.

Eduten is available for schools, home schools and other educational institutions anywhere in the world.

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